About Alexander

A Dreamer & Doer

In a world where there are many dreamers and few doers, Alexander Durbin walks the line between the two - artfully blending his mindful illustrations and fashion to bring about positive change in the world and creating designs and products that highlight this mission. Alexander Durbin Design aimed to impact and inspire with his inaugural collection “The Girls” and now explores piercing through adversity with his upcoming collection, “Resilience.”

The Girls 

The idea for his first collection, “The Girls” came to Alexander when he was out shopping with his fiancée. She, an African American woman, was searching for a fashionable graphic tee featuring a high fashion model only to leave disappointed - the major retailers only carried graphic tees featuring white models. This moment served as a reminder of the lack of representation that exists for women of color in design. From there, Alex decided his first collection would magnify underrepresented communities and showcase the power and radiance of women as well as give back to the communities he’s inspired by. 

In the Spring, Alexander Durbin Design launched The Girls, featuring images of three powerful, fashionable women, one Black, one Hispanic, and one Asian. The collection included graphic tees, hoodies, and sweaters for men and women. The company also designated that 10% of its profit would be donated to the Oakland Elizabeth House, a residence to women with children who have experienced the poverty of homelessness, violence, and addiction. 


The inspiration for Alexander’s newest collection came at the beginning of the pandemic, when we witnessed millions of Americans lose their jobs, fall ill or pass away from COVID-19, and suffer from isolation and depression. We also saw one of the largest civil rights movements of our generation following the murder of George Floyd. During this time, Alexander felt driven to create art that inspired and encouraged people to persevere through the chaos and uncertainty. Alexander began to do research on symbols that represented this idea. He came upon the Prosopocoilus savagei, a stag beetle born for battle. 

The beetle represents: Persistence in times of trouble, intelligence, the strength to carry on through hard times, using your own strength to your advantage, order out of chaos and teamwork

Alexander decided to name this collection, Resilience, as an ode to the strength we are witnessing in our communities, families, and in our fight for social justice, equity, and equality.  

Using the “Resilience” collection’s items - ranging from jackets, shirts, hats, and hoodies - Alexander hopes to encourage others to persevere, to use strength to make the most of these difficult times, and to use teamwork and community to carve a path forward out of the chaos.

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